Time in Hand against Distance

Just how much time in hand do you need to build up to complete London Edinburgh London within the time limit? This chart shows time in hand against distance for…more

The finish from August 2nd to August 4th 2017

A time lapse of the finish control from August 2nd to August 4th 2017  

The 117 hour 5 minute starts on Sunday 30th July from 9:15am till 4:00pm.

Every wondered what sending 40-50 riders off from the start every 15 minutes for 7 hours looks like? Well wonder no more. Here is a time lapse of every single…more

The countries and flags of the riders

Some of you have wondered about the countries represented at London Edinburgh London. Below are the flags of all the riders. You can hover over a flag to see name…more

LEL ride strategies: Catching a train

In Damon’s latest film, he talks about how riders manage their time on the road, whether they are at the front or the back of the event. The first thing…more

Some dates for your diary

If you’re lucky enough to have a place on the start line, there are a few important dates you need to be aware of. We’ll soon reach the deadline for…more

2017 entry news

We open for entries to London Edinburgh London 2017 soon, so we thought you’d appreciate some more detail about how to enter. If you have a guaranteed entry, you should…more

Damon Peacock has made a short film about our catering

Catering for large Audax rides is an interesting challenge. Getting enough calories to get round 1400 kilometres of varied roads in a variety of weather conditions is always going to…more

Here are some details about next year's start times

One of the biggest challenges that we face in organising London Edinburgh London is setting riders off from the start. When we ask riders what time they would like to…more

A film about the northern roads of London Edinburgh London

We announced the 2017 route last week, which now takes a more remote path across the border between England and Scotland. This short film by Damon Peacock, taken from footage…more

2017 route revealed!

Over the winter, the London Edinburgh London team have been riding through the rain and wind (which never seemed to stop) to plan and check the route for 2017. Now that we’ve…more

Here are the 2017 jerseys and gilet

We’re really pleased to reveal the official riders’ jersey for 2017. Based on our new colours, this is a stylish jersey that will not only commemorate the event but will look…more

sky over Edinburgh

The British are famous for talking about the weather, and it’s true that we talk about it a lot. There’s a reason for that, and when you ride London Edinburgh London…more

What's it like to volunteer at a large control?

Graeme Holdsworth worked through the night at Thirsk during London Edinburgh London 2013. Here’s his account of his time, taken from his blog Balancing on Two Wheels. If you’d like…more

Here are some facts about our first 400 riders

We’ve now registered the first 400 riders who’ll take part in London Edinburgh London. Here’s a little bit more about them. The riders are from 29 countries, though over half are from just the UK,…more

Common mechanical problems - and how to avoid them

Jamie Andrews spent three days at the Brampton control during London Edinburgh London 2013. At 550km and 825km along the route, Brampton is a popular stop for riders on the…more

A few tips on getting enough sleep

No matter how strong you’re riding, or whether you’re finishing comfortably or on the wire, the three things that concern every rider are food, the weather (in particular wind and rain),…more

Why not download Damon Peacock's new film about London Edinburgh London?

Every rider has a different story to tell about London Edinburgh London, but few people tell it as engagingly as Damon Peacock. He has produced documentaries chronicling randonnées in Britain and…more

Choosing the best start time

Randonnées and randonneurs tend to be early starters. In Britain our longer rides usually start at 7am or earlier; 6am is a common start time for 600km rides. London Edinburgh London…more

Eskdalemuir Hub has had a makeover

Eskdalemuir is one of the more interesting places you visit when riding London Edinburgh London. A remote village in the Scottish Lowlands, it’s also home to Britain’s largest Buddhist temple,…more

We're part of Granbrevetto Randonnée Europe Challenge

How’s this for a ultrarandonneur challenge! Audax Randonneurs Italia are once again organising their Granbrevetto Randonnée Europe Challenge award. Riders from anywhere in the world can achieve this award by completed the…more

A tough event - for everyone

Many of the riders who finished London Edinburgh London 2013 had their portrait taken by our photographer, Charlotte Barnes. She snapped hundreds of our riders, looking tired, dusty, but usually…more