A guide to controls, pop-up cafés and other facilities

The quiet lanes we use for much of the route are a real London Edinburgh London highlight. They offer hours and days of cycling with almost no traffic around you – bliss! They also mean cycling through some of the UK's most remote areas, with limited facilities. 

And so, for 2025, we have increased the number of facilities available along the route. We now have a range of controls, cafés and pop-up dormitories, all open 24/7 while the event takes place. Here's a quick guide to what you can expect at the different types of facility.


Along the route there are 21 control points at 14 locations. Eight of these are in England, and you visit them all twice (except Henham). Five are in Scotland, and you visit these just once.


  • They are all listed on your route card, in the order you need to visit them.

At controls you will find the following facilities. These are all included in the price of your entry fee.

  • Hot meals and drinks.
  • Dormitory beds.
  • Bag drops (at your selected controls only).
  • Mechanical support and bike repairs.
  • Medical support.


Our café stops are located between control points. Some are actual cafés that will stay open 24/7 during the event. Others are pop-up cafés organised by communtiy groups in village halls. These are not control points: you don't have to stop at any of them unless you want to!

At these café stops you will need to pay for your food and drink. But all other facilities – such as dormitory beds, toilets and water bottle refills – are included in the price of your entry fee.


Our pop-up dormitories offer you the chance to get some sleep away from controls. These have very limited facilities, but do offer dormitory beds and toilets, plus a limited cold breakfast each morning. They are mostly located next to café stops or other commercial venues, so you should be able to get some dinner before you sleep.

You can find an up-to-date list of all our controls, café stops and pop-up dormitories on our route and controls page.