Take part in one of Britain’s greatest cycling challenges. Ride from London to Edinburgh and back in just five days, through some of Britain’s most beautiful scenery.


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London Edinburgh London is one of Britain’s greatest cycling challenges. …more


We’ll have full details of the route in Autumn 2016. …more


Entries open 20 January 2017 …more


London Edinburgh London is only possible thanks to the help of volunteers …more


What's it like to volunteer at a large control?

Graeme Holdsworth worked through the night at Thirsk during London Edinburgh London 2013. Here’s his account of his time, taken from his blog Balancing on Two Wheels. If you’d like…more

Here are some facts about our first 400 riders

We’ve now registered the first 400 riders who’ll take part in London Edinburgh London. Here’s a little bit more about them. The riders are from 29 countries, though over half are from just the UK,…more

Common mechanical problems - and how to avoid them

Jamie Andrews spent three days at the Brampton control during London Edinburgh London 2013. At 550km and 825km along the route, Brampton is a popular stop for riders on the…more

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