Essential information at a glance

London Edinburgh London begins on Sunday 3 August 2025.

You need to register at the start on Saturday 2 August 2025.

You do not have to qualify to enter London Edinburgh London.

The entry process opens on Friday 3 January 2025.

Entry is by ballot, unless you qualify for a guaranteed place.

The cost of entry is £489.

Start times on the day of the event are from 04.00 until 17.00.

We cannot guarantee your choice of start time, but you will be able to start with your friends.

We publish the official route sheet in March 2025.

The route is just over 1530 kilometres (950 miles) long, and you must keep to the route at all times.

You will have around 128 hours to ride the route. 


Can anyone enter?


You need to be aged 18 or over on Sunday 3 August 2025 to enter. We cannot accept entries from anyone who will be younger than this. There are no exceptions to this rule.

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Do I need to qualify to enter?


You do not need to qualify for London Edinburgh London, but you will enjoy your ride much more if you train and prepare well.

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How do I enter?

You can only enter London Edinburgh London via this website. To be notified when entries are open, sign up to our mailing list here.

Entry for guaranteed entry holders opens on Friday 3 January 2025.

If you belong to any of the groups listed below, you can enter and pay immediately. We will guarantee your place.

  • London Edinburgh London 2022 volunteers.
  • Audax UK or Audax Ireland members who were members on 14 September 2022, and remain members on 1 January 2025.
  • Anyone who brings a spouse or immediate family member aged 16 or over (i.e. parent, child, sibling) to volunteer, both at London and at another control, for at least three full days.

For all other riders, entry is by ballot. You will be able to enter the ballot between 3–17 January 2025. After that date, we will invite riders selected at random to enter, until we have taken 2,000 entries. Successful applicants will then have 14 days to pay for their entry.

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How much does entry cost?

The entry fee is £489. You can pay with any credit or debit card.

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What about event insurance?

Riders will be responsible for taking out their own individual insurance to cover their participation in London Edinburgh London. We hope to offer you bespoke travel insurance for the event.

About Audax UK's insurance policy:

  • It only provides riders with limited third party liability cover for incidents where a third party has been injured, or their property has been damaged.
  • It is subject to an excess payable by the rider who incurs the liability.
  • It covers legal liability in the event of negligence only; it does not cover deliberate acts.
  • Audax UK cover begins when riders start the event.
  • Audax UK cover ceases from the point when the event closes, or from the point when the rider signs off on completing the ride or otherwise abandons or cuts short the ride.
  • It does not cover riding to and from the event, cancellation, theft, or any other risks.

Employee Liability and Public & Products Liability cover is provided for event staff and volunteers.

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Can you help me get a visa?

If you need a letter of support for a visa application, please use the visa generation letter in the rider area of the website.


  • Please make sure you are you certain to obtain a visa before 31 March 2025, the final closing date for entry fee refunds.
  • After that date, we do not offer a refund if you cannot obtain a visa to enter the United Kingdom.
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Is there an official LEL 2025 jersey?


When you enter, you can buy an official LEL 2025 jersey, as well as gilets, arm warmers and other souvenirs.

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Can I cancel my entry?

If you are unable to ride, you can cancel your entry by emailing admin@londonedinburghlondon.com.


  • If you want an entry fee refund, we must receive your email to cancel your entry by 23.59 UTC on Monday 31 March 2025.
  • After this deadline, there will be no refunds. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • We charge an admin fee of £75 to cancel your entry.
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Can I transfer my entry?


You must not swap, sell or transfer your London Edinburgh London entry.

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My husband wants to volunteer. How do I get a guaranteed place?

That's great news! We have a guaranteed entry process for those riders with an immediate family member who works as a volunteer at the event.

Here's how our guaranteed entry process works:

  • Ask your immediate family member to register as a volunteer here.
  • Ask them to include your name and email address in the additional information box at the end of the form.
  • We will be in touch to confirm we have added you to the guaranteed entry list.
  • You can then enter the event from Friday 3 January 2025.
  • You must both register at registration on Saturday 2 August 2025.

The person volunteering must:

  1. Be an immediate family member, such as a parent or guardian, a wife, husband or civil partner, or a daughter or son.
  2. Commit to do at least one shift of work at Writtle at the registration and the start, and for at least two days at other controls.
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I have a guaranteed place because my husband is volunteering. But now they cannot come. Can I still ride?

No, unfortunately not. Your place will be cancelled if your immediate family member can no longer volunteer.


  • For you to ride in the event, both you and your immediate family member must register at registration on Saturday 2 August 2025.
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I've entered! Do I need to register?

Yes. You need to register on Saturday 2 August 2025 between 09.00 and 17.00. 


  • You must bring a piece of photographic identification with you to register.
  • This can be a driving licence, passport or identity card.
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I cannot register on Saturday because it is the Sabbath. What do I do?

Please contact us at admin@londonedinburghlondon.com and we will assist.

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The Start

Where and when does London Edinburgh London start?

London Edinburgh London starts on Sunday 3 August 2025 at Writtle University College, Lordship Lane, Writtle CM1 3RR.

We start riders in small groups between 05.00 and 15.00. You will be allocated your start time.

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But I want to start in London, not Writtle!

No problem!

We have a central London start too. Our start point in London is Guildhall Yard, Gresham Street, London EC2V.

You can choose a London start when you tell us your preferred start time in April 2025.


  • The information given below about parking and accommodation applies only to the Writtle start.
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How do I choose my start time?

This is how our process for start times works:

  • In April 2025 we will invite all confirmed riders to select their preferred start time.
  • We then allocate start times by ballot.
  • We try, but we cannot guarantee that you will be allocated your preferred start time.
  • Once allocated, you cannot change your start time.
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Can I start at the same time as my friends?

Yes, you can. Here's how it works.

  1. In order to start together, you and your friends need to form a 'team' for the event.
  2. Decide on a team name. (We only use this name to identify people who want to start together.)
  3. When you enter, we ask if you are part of a team. Let us know!
  4. Remember: all team members must tell us your team name when they enter.
  5. Then, when we allocate start times, we make sure people in the same team are allocated the same start time.
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How do I get to the start?

The start point for London Edinburgh London 2022 is Writtle University College, Lordship Lane, Writtle CM1 3RR.

The nearest train station is Chelmsford, approximately 3 kilometres away.

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Is parking available at the start?


Parking for the duration of the event costs £40. You can purchase this in the rider area of the website from early 2025.

There will also be space to drop riders off and for short-stay parking.

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Is there accommodation at the start?

Yes, there is! Here's what you need to know:

  • There will be 350 rooms available at the start for riders, plus extensive camping facilities.
  • Each room or camping pitch will be yours for the entire event, so you can leave your luggage there while you are riding.
  • When you finish, or if you retire from the event for any reason, your room or pitch is there for you to use.
  • Bedding is provided in the rooms.
  • Half of the rooms are ensuite.
  • All rooms have access to a common room with a basic kitchen and living space.
  • Prices start at £132 per person for a camping space and go up to £420 for a double en suite room.
  • You can book your room or camping space in the rider area of the website in early 2025. 
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Are camping facilities available at the start?

Yes, we offer camping at the start. Here's what you need to know:

  • Camping costs £132 per person.
  • Your pitch will be available from Friday 1 August until Saturday 9 August inclusive.
  • You can book a pitch in the rider area of the website when it opens in early 2025.
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Along the route

How long do I have to ride the route?

You will have about 128 hours to ride the route. We will confirm the exact number of hours nearer the time.

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If I finish but I am out of time, what happens?

Only riders who complete the course within the allocated time will appear on the official list of finishers. But every rider who completes the route by non-motorised vehicle will receive a finishers' medal.

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What happens if I retire during the event? Will you collect me?

London Edinburgh London is a self-supported ride and you are responsible for your own health and safety.

Our moto crews patrol the route's most remote sections, but they are not able to carry riders.

If you do retire, we have limited capacity to recover riders stranded in remote locations. But, ultimately, you will be responsible for getting yourself back to the start or to the nearest control.

At controls, we can help you with basic bike repairs, basic first aid, accessing medical treatment or transport back to London.

Make sure you have a plan in case things go wrong. This could include:

  • Riding with friends.
  • Taking out breakdown cover. Check your motor breakdown service: you may already be covered.
  • Carrying details of friends or family who can collect you.

In parts of Scotland and northern England, there might be no mobile phone reception. We patrol these sections carefully and will always help stranded riders who are unable to call for help.

*Call emergency services on 999 or 112 if you are in immediate danger.*

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Can I bring a support vehicle?


We do not permit personal support vehicles. These can be a hazard to riders. In particular, they can be a hazard when driving along the route and when parked on narrow roads.


  • Any rider seen to receive support from an unregistered vehicle on the route will receive a time penalty according to the published tariff of penalties.
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Can people check my progress online?

Yes, they can!

During the event, we track riders live on this website. Whenever a rider checks into a control, we publish that time immediately. And, if they remember to check out, we publish that time too. (Please try to remember to check out!)

We also provide limited live tracking of riders during the event, for riders who register for the service. We will announce more details about rider tracking nearer the time.

You can turn off online tracking if you wish. We will provide more details about how to do this when you enter. Our privacy policy here tells you how we will use your personal information.

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Is everything really included at the controls?

Almost everything.

Here's what your entry fee includes at the controls:

  • All food and drink.
  • Showers and dormitories.
  • Towels, blankets and earplugs.
  • Any bike repairs that our volunteers do for you. But you will have to pay for spare parts.
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What facilities are there at each control?

Most controls will offer the same facilities. These are:

  • A choice of hot food, including vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Hot and cold drinks.
  • Showers and towels.
  • Dormitory beds and blankets.
  • Bike repairs.
  • Minor injuries and first aid assistance.
  • Ride essentials for sale.


  • There may not be showers at the controls at Innerleithen and Hawick. There are no showers at the control at Eskdalemuir.
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What is a pop-up café? What is a pop-up dormitory?

Along the route, in between controls, we have joined up with local businesses and community groups to provide pop-up cafés and dormitories. These will (mostly) be open 24/7 during the event.

At our pop-up cafés:

  • You can get your water bottles refilled, use the toilets and sleep in any of the dormitories we set up at the venue.
  • You will have to pay for any food and drink you consume. 

At our pop-up dormitories:

  • Everything is included in your entry fee.
  • But there will be no catering other than hot and cold drinks and a light breakfast. 

Please see our control list for more details about what is available at each venue.

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Can I buy snacks and supplies at the controls?

Yes, you can.

All our controls feature a small shop at the registration desk. Here's what you need to know about the shops:

  • They sell snacks, soft drinks and energy gels.
  • They sell cycling staples such as inner tubes, bike lubricant and chamois cream.
  • They sell basic toiletries such as toothpaste, soap and sunblock.
  • They will accept most debit and credit cards, but cannot take cash.
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I have a food allergy. Can you help?

We will do our best to provide gluten-free food at controls, but we cannot guarantee this will be available.

We will do our best to notify you of allergens in the food that we serve, but we cannot and will not guarantee at any time that any food we serve is free of any allergen.


  • Any food we supply, that you choose to eat, is at your own risk. You must accept this as a condition when you enter the event.
  • If you suffer from a serious food allergy, we strongly recommend that you do not enter London Edinburgh London.
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What are bag drops?

Our bag drop system allows you to send clean clothes and other supplies to two control points. When you have finished with each bag, we will return it to the start for you. We provide the bags for you to use for your bag drops.

Here is how it works:

  • Before the event, you nominate two controls for us to send your bag drops to.
  • You can send one bag to an English control (Louth, Hessle, Malton, Richmond, Brampton), and one to a Scottish control (Moffat, Edinburgh, Innerleithen).
  • At registration, bring the equipment, clothes, etc. you want to put into your bag drops. Plan this carefully! Each bag must weigh no more than 2.5 kilos. (We will weigh them!)
  • We will give you marked, empty bags to use. These bags have a capacity of 11 litres.
  • Fill each bag with your things and hand them back to reception.
  • Your bags will be available for you at your selected controls, and then at Writtle at the finish.
  • If you prefer, we can post your bags back to you after the event.

See our article about bag drops for lots more information about how all this works.

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Are there any rules about what I put into my bag drops?

Yes, there are.

  • The maximum weight for each bag is 2.5 kilos.
  • Please do not put any liquids, grease or containers of grease, glass or unpackaged sharp tools into the bags. Sachets of liquids or grease are fine.
  • Please put batteries into a container.

See our article about bag drops for lots more information about how all this works.

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Can I send two bags to the same control?

Yes, you can!

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Can I access the same bag northbound and southbound in England?

Yes, you can!

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What happens if I return to the start before my bags?

No problem.

We can post your bags back to you. You can purchase this service at the end of the event. Simply leave your bags at the finish and we will contact you to arrange payment for postage. But please note that we cannot post batteries or powerbanks to non-UK addresses.

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I need to charge my phone and my lights. Can I do this at controls?

We provide limited USB charging at controls, at your own risk.

For just £5, we provide a powerbank charging service during the event:

  • Purchase an LEL powerbank in the rider area of the website when it opens, and we will give you a charged powerbank at registration.
  • You can then swap the depleted powerbank at any control for a charged one.


  • Sockets at controls must not be used unless clearly stated.
  • Any rider who unplugs other equipment to charge their own device will receive a sginificant time penalty.
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Will there be Wi-Fi at controls?

Probably not, no.

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What happens if I arrive late at a control?

If you arrive late at a control, but you think you can still finish in time, then please make every effort to continue.


  • Once the official time for the control to close has passed, it is up to the controller how long they choose to keep the control open.
  • If you arrive at a control later than the official closing time, and the control is closed, then please find alternative proof of your arrival. This might be a time-stamped photo on your phone.
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People who started earlier than me can arrive hours out of time and the controls are still open! How is that fair?

As we all know, life is unfair sometimes. This, unfortunately, is one of those occasions.

Please appreciate that there has to be a limit on how long we expect our volunteers to keep a control open.

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I don't have an entry. Can I ride anyway?

Please don't.

We only allow riders, registered supporters and volunteers into our controls. If you do not have a brevet card or supporters' pass, we will not allow you into our controls.

We will report to the police any unregistered rider or other person who uses our controls without our permission. We will seek their prosecution through the courts.

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