How do bag drops work?

Although the route of London Edinburgh London passes through the centres of the cities of Edinburgh and Cambridge, and even London if you want to, it also uses some remote and narrow roads. We understand that a challange like LEL therfore requires a little extra support. This is why we provide hot meals and dormitory space at all of our controls. To support you even further, we also offer you two drop bags, included in your entry fee. This short articles explains how they works.

  • In the rider area of our website, you can select two control points for us to take a small bag of your possessions for you. You can select Louth, Hessle, Malton, Barnard Castle, Brampon, Moffat and Dunfermline.
  • At registration, we will give you a cotton drawstring bag measuring approximately 38cm x 45cm for each of the bag drops you have selected. Here are the bags we gave riders in 2017.
  • You can fill the bags with up to 2.5kg in total of your possessions. Please don't put any bottles or tubes of liquids or oils in your bags.
  • Drop the bags off in the bag drop marquee at reqistration.
  • When you arrive at the control, your drop bag will be waiting for you. You can access your bag twice if it's a control you visit twice.
  • When the control closes, we'll return all of the bags to Debden.

Many of the bags won't arrive back in Debden until Thursday evening. If you don't want to wait for your bags, we can post them back to you. It costs £12 if you're in the UK, and £36 if you're from oustide the UK. You can purchase this service in advance in the rider area of the website.