Choosing your start time

Along with "where should I select for my bag drops", "what start time should I choose" is probably one of the toughest question you're asking yourself about London Edinburgh London right now. Hopefully this short article will help you to pick the best start time for you.

Selecting a start time
To spread out the riders along the route, and prevent you swamping controls, we release you in small groups every fifteen minutes from 05:00 until aound 15:00. Unfortunately most riders like to start early, which means we have to find a way to allocate start times fairly. So this is how we do it:

  • In the rider area there is a box where you can select from the start times available.
    You have until 31 March to select a start time.
  • On 1 April we will allocate the start times. If you've selected a time that is undersubscribed,
    congratulations! You'll get that start time.
  • If you have selected an oversubscribed time slot, we'll draw a ballot for the slot. If you are unsuccessful
    you will be moved to the nearest available time slot. 
  • We draw the ballots in reverse order, starting with the latest oversubscribed ballot and working back.
    This means that if you are unsuccessful in a ballot for the earliest time slots, you are likely to be
    allocated a much later start time.
  • We will not move you from a London to a Debden start time or vice versa. You will definitely start
    in the location you choose!

London or Debden?
Many of you have noticed that there are two start points, in London and Debden. What's the difference between them?

We have the start in central London as it allows riders to stay in the centre of London before the event. It also makes it easier for riders who live in London. It also allows us to start riders very early in the morning withough disturbing people who live near the start in Debden. Start times in central London are from 05:00 until 06:45, and from 07:00 in Debden.

The start in central London is at Guildhall Yard, in the centre of London's financial district. will be a 'car park' style start, with no facilities available. The toilet may be open, but there will definitely be no refreshments. If it is raining there will be little shelter. The plan is to turn up, stamp cards, and cycle straight to Dunfermline. The start at Debden, however, will have plentiful facilities, offering you a hot breakfast or lunch before you start. 

Keep in mind too that the route from central London is 20km longer but with no extra time. By comparison, it's a 25km ride from central London to our main start in Debden.

100 hour start
For the very fastest riders, we are offering a 100 hour limit group. Unlike the other early groups this will start from Davenant School in Debden at 05:00. If you'd like to be in this group, simply select the 05:00 100 hour limit Debden start in the rider area.