About London Edinburgh London

The Challenge

London Edinburgh London is one of Britain’s greatest cycling challenges. Taking place every four years, you’ll ride from London to Edinburgh and back in under five days. It’s not a race, but you have just over 100 hours to get back to London. We provide a route sheet for you to follow, or if you prefer you can download a track of the route for your GPS device.

The Route

The route passes through an incredible range of scenery, from tough climbs in the Pennines and Scottish Lowlands, to the fens of Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. You’ll cross the Humber Bridge, see the world famous estate of Castle Howard, and pass through countless pretty English and Scottish villages. We use quiet country lanes where possible.

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Controls and Facilities

Along the route there are control points where you’ll get hot food, showers and somewhere to sleep. The food is basic but there will be plenty of it. We provide inflatable beds and blankets in sports halls, and we’ll even give you a wake-up call if you need it. Our bike mechanics will do their best to fix your bike if it’s broken, and we can help if you get sick or can’t finish the ride. All this is included in the price.

Qualification and Preparation

You don’t need to complete any qualifying rides to take part in London Edinburgh London, but you will be more likely to succeed if you’ve already got some experience of long-distance cycling.

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