London Edinburgh London is a 1500km self-supported cycle ride across the United Kingdom, between the iconic capital cities of England and Scotland.

London Edinburgh London is not a race, but you have only 125 hours to make your way around to Edinburgh and back to London.

Along the route we have 13 control points where we provide…

  • hot meals (including vegetarian and vegan options always)
  • drinks
  • showers and towels
  • dormitory beds (and earplugs!)
  • two bag drops* and
  • mechanical support

…all included in the price. All you need to bring is your bike!

This is a test of your mental and physical resilience. If things go wrong, it is up to you to use your skills and experience to put them right. If you are tired, or cold, or hungry, we will not rescue you! But when you make it to the next control, you are guaranteed our total support and attention.

For more information, please see our FAQ

*We provide two bag drops to selected control points. Simply fill the two bags that we give you with your clean clothes and equipment (2.5kg per bag maximum) and we will transport it to the control of your choice. When you’ve finished with it, we’ll then transport it back to London.