Help make London Edinburgh London a success

London Edinburgh London is only possible thanks to the help of volunteers. Along the route and at the controls, our volunteers work throughout the event, helping the riders to make it to Edinburgh and back to London.

Being a volunteer is hard work. The riders ride night and day, so we have to work round the clock too. But we’re at the heart of the adventure and excitement, helping ordinary people to achieve more than they thought possible.

Whether you can help for just one day, or for the whole event, you can make a difference. In return we can provide:

  • travel expenses (from anywhere in the United Kingdom or Ireland)
  • accommodation (this may be in a shared room)
  • hot meals
  • two volunteer t-shirts
  • a volunteer goody bag
  • guaranteed entry to London Edinburgh London 2021

If you live in Europe and you want to volunteer, we may be able to pay for your travel if you are willing to work at a control for the whole event.

If you can help, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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Please let know about your past experience with LEL, as a rider or volunteer. Let us know too if you’ve any ideas for LEL, or if you want to help in any particular way.

Volunteers aged Under 18

If you are aged under 18 you must be accompanied by a volunteer aged 18 or over. They must also register as a volunteer.

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