Some dates for your diary

If you’re lucky enough to have a place on the start line, there are a few important dates you need to be aware of. We’ll soon reach the deadline for you to select your preferred start time, your bag drop locations, and to buy a jersey in time for the start. Apart from the start on 30 July, here are all the dates you need to remember.


Start times
The deadline for choosing your start time is 29 March at 23:59. We will close this part of the rider area at some time on 30 March, so make your selection the day before to be certain of beating the deadline.

We will let you know your confirmed start time as soon as possible afterwards, though it may take us a week to do this.


Bag drops
You have until 29 April at 23:59 to select your bag drops. After this date, we will not accept any new requests. No exceptions!


Jerseys, gilets and t-shirts
If you want to order an event jersey, gilet, t-shirt or mug in time for the event, the last date to order is 28 May. There will be a second order after the event, so if you want to try a jersey on before you buy one, you can see them at registration on 29 July.


Support vehicle and parking
The last day to order a support vehicle or parking is 29 May. We’ll then let you know right away whether or not we can give you a parking space. Spaces are limited, so if there is a large demand we will hold a ballot to choose who gets a spot. If you are unlucky, we’ll refund your payment.


To access the rider area, click here and enter using the email address  and the password you registered when you entered. if you can’t remember the password or don’t have one, simply follow this link to get a new one.


We hope you get the start time you want!