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London Edinburgh London 2013 prologue
London Edinburgh London 2013 featured a prologue event. Over 200 riders started their adventure on The Mall outside Buckingham Palace, riding to the official start in Loughton. With thanks to our official photographer, Charlotte Barnes.
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London Edinburgh London B&W Finishers
At the finish of London Edinburgh London 2013, our official photographer Charlotte Barnes took these photographs of some of our riders just after they finished.
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London Edinburgh London Colour Finishers
Charlotte Barnes also took colour full-length portraits of riders just after they finished. Most of the riders share the same expression of exhaustion and jubilation. There are also photographs of the volunteers who looked after the riders at the start and finish.
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London Edinburgh London Edinburgh Control
The location of the Edinburgh control during London Edinburgh London 2013 was Gracemount School in the south of the city. Volunteer Dave McCraw took these photos of riders and volunteers before and during the event. Despite it being summer, the night the control was open was incredibly cold, and many riders were caught in a heavy rainstorm before they got to Edinburgh.
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