At the finish of London Edinburgh London 2013, our official photographer Charlotte Barnes took these photographs of some of our riders just after they finished.

D7K_9190 D7K_9160 D7K_9133 D7K_9218 D7K_9216 D7K_9215 D7K_9214 D7K_9211 D7K_9209 D7K_9208 D7K_9206 D7K_9203 D7K_9201 D7K_9200 D7K_9198 D7K_9195 D7K_9192 D7K_9188 D7K_9187 D7K_9184 D7K_9182 D7K_9180 D7K_9177 D7K_9174 D7K_9173 D7K_9170 D7K_9168 D7K_9166 D7K_9164 D7K_9161 D7K_9156 D7K_9154 D7K_9147 D7K_9143 D7K_9140 D7K_9138 D7K_9135 D7K_9128 D7K_9126 D7K_9124 D7K_9121 D7K_9118 D7K_9113 D7K_9112