Tips for the early entry ballot

London Edinburgh London opens its early entry ballot on 3 November 2023. Here are some tips to help you with your ballot application.

Take your time

You have seven days to enter the ballot, so there is no need to rush. We ask for a lot of information from you, so make sure it is all correct before you submit it. You'll need a passport-style photo, so makes sure you have one ready as an image file. 

Make sure all your team stay together

If you want to enter as a team, make sure you all enter the same team name when you apply. We will not split a team up, so you will all either get a place or you will not.

Small teams will be more successful

Keep your team size to a maximum of six to maximise your chance to get a place in the ballot.

Enter the ballot just once, please

Please enter just once, and only enter in your own name. You cannot transfer your entry, and you will need to prove who you are when you register. 

Do you really want to ride?

Are you sure you want to ride in 2025? Will you be ready? If 2029 is a more realistic target, why not guarantee your place at London Edinburgh London 2025 and become a volunteer? You'll get a unique feel for the event, and become part of the most incredible team of volunteers anywhere. If you're interested, click here to register online.

The early entry ballot opens 3 November 2023 at 12:00 UTC. If you're selected, you can guarantee your place at London Edinburgh London 2025 for a £150 deposit.